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Yale Honors Young Scientist Who Was the Subject of a Police Complaint

Yale University honors 9-year-old girl who neighbor called police on for spraying spotted lanternflies

A neighbor’s call to police on a little Black girl while she sprayed lanternflies exposes a deeper problem, mom says

Black social media’s voice is critical in pursuing justice, experts say

Tackling Disparities in Finance for Black and African Americans

N.J. girl who sprayed lanternflies — triggering call to police — invited to Yale for science tour

How to protect research ideas as a junior scientist

Black Women and the Wealth Gap: Best Cities to Flourish Financially

Cox lawyer Ben Crump speaks at School of Medicine event alongside other activists

For Black women, health plays an outsize role in retirement planning

How schools (and parents) are losing the war against teen vaping

Dreamer Girls Project is a dream-come-true for YSPH professor

InvestiDate: A Video Game Empowering Black Teens to Prioritize Their Health

Drinking tonight? Here's how much alcohol is too much-and how to avoid holiday binging

Importance of representation for Black children during the Christmas season

Connecticut panel hosts inaugural meeting to address racism in public health

Black Finances and Addressing Financial Challenges

I'm a Public Health Expert and I Had Concerns About Vaccines, Here's Why You Should Trust Them 

Black Teenage Girls Face "Gendered Racism" While Finding Potential Partners Online 

Ohio mayor slammer for described teen shot by police 'young woman'

The Columbus mayor called Ma"Khia Bryant a 'young woman'. Here's why people are angry

NIH Director's Blog: Taking a Community-Based Approach to Youth Substance Abuse 

Black Women and The Wealth Gap

Science Threads on Addiction, Substance Use, and Health (STASH): Protective factors against drug use and sexual risk behavior in Black adolescent girls

Ijeoma Opara Becomes a Social Work-ing Trail Blazer

VeryWell Health: Pandemic Fatigue Is Setting In: Here's How to Cope

SBU's Ijeoma Opara becomes the first social worker to win coveted NIH award

VeryWell Health: 5 Steps You Can Take To Protect Yourself From Online Harassment

VeryWell Health: Struggling With Your Mental Health at Work? You May Be Covered by the ADA 

Madame Noire: Preventing Alcohol Abuse in Black Adolescent Girls

Madame Noire: When you're a Black woman struggling with alcohol abuse can be complicated

Pix 11: Study to help youth in Paterson, NJ

Study on mental health, substance abuse could aid Paterson, NJ Teens

North Jersey News: Study on mental health and substance abuse to aid teens in Paterson, NJ


Stony Brook News: A conversation with Dr. Ijeoma Opara, Winner of Early Independence Award

Stony Brook News: Dr. Ijeoma Opara receives prestigious Early Independence Award 

Podcasts and Talks

An Ode to Bell Hooks with Dr. Ijeoma Opara and Andrew McCaskill on the Karen Hunter Show (Sirirus XM Radio) 












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